What will you do for Prisoners’ Justice Day?

Prisoners’ Justice Day has been observed every year on August 10 since 1975 to call attention to human rights and justice for prisoners. This year, the theme is mental health, and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, LAO and the John Howard Society of Toronto will be hosting several leading legal activists for a day of [...]


Voices for Change

By Colleen Sym “I am not alone.” This is what participants told us they learned in a series of Town Hall meetings held across Halton Region in the winter of 2011. One participant in particular, Cathy, found the experience of solidarity compelling. She joined with other participants to form Voices for Change Halton(Voices), a peer-led, anti-poverty [...]

Parkdale Project read students holding up crafted letters that spell out "Thank you"

Parkdale Project Read: community-based adult literacy

Pictured above: A group of Parkdale Project Read students saying “thank you”. The relationships between literacy levels, poverty and access to justice are well established (try a quick web search). Knowing this, it’s hardly surprising that a typical learner at Parkdale Project Read – an adult literacy project located in downtown Toronto – struggles with [...]


Connecting Ottawa: Linking people with communications challenges to legal information

When people have difficulty communicating, they have difficulty accessing justice. This is the theme for the recently-established Connecting Ottawa/Connexion Ottawa network. Spearheaded by South Ottawa Community Legal Services (SOCLS), Connecting Ottawa/Connexion Ottawa is comprised of over 42 community agencies across the city. Its goal is to better link agency clients with a communication-related impairment with [...]


Happy blog birthday to us! Celebrating our first year.

We’re celebrating this blog’s one-year birthday, and (at the risk of being self-congratulatory,) happy birthday to us! We didn’t get here alone. We’re thankful to every guest author who has contributed to this blog, every person and organization who has shared our posts online, and every visitor who’s joined our growing audience. Thank you for [...]


Diversity and inclusion: an important piece of the “access to justice” puzzle

By Noëlle Richardson In my view, access to justice is only possible if we in the justice system provide relevant, responsive services to society’s most vulnerable people. Inclusion can help employees in the justice system to understand the needs of clients from across all of Ontario’s communities. Moreover, it can help staff to develop the [...]


Kirsti Mathers McHenry on navigating the workplace as a member of the LGBT community

This piece was originally published in the MyHR LAO internal newsletter. World Pride Month is here! Pride refers to a world-wide celebration incorporating activism, education, and the history and culture of global LGBT communities. It’s also a time to highlight Canada’s continued progress in human rights, and the diversity and dynamism of our people. We [...]