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Law students help fill growing gaps in legal services

by Nikki Gershbain The access to justice crisis There has been much discussion in the profession recently about what the Chief Justice of Canada has referred to as a crisis in the justice system. This crisis is shorthand for a number of systemic problems, including long delays, overly complex procedures, an erosion in legal aid […]

Baamsedaa: Let’s Walk Together

By Jeff Plain This piece originally appeared on our Aboriginal Justice Strategy policy page.  As an indigenous Aboriginal person myself, I understand that feelings of apprehension and hopelessness can arise in seeking and accessing justice. These feelings can stem from distrust in justice systems —whether criminal, family, civil or administrative. Meeting an important need We […]

Image sourced from the Government of Canada’s National Victims of Crime Awareness Week website.

April 6-12 is National Victims of Crime Awareness Week

This week, it’s timely to reflect upon the issues facing victims of crime and the services, assistance and laws in place to help victims and their families. When a crime is committed, the repercussions can ripple out and affect children, partners, entire families and communities. Beyond physical injury, financial loss and property damage, the damages […]

National Aboriginal Languages Day

“Without the language, we are warm bodies without a spirit…” Mary Lou Fox, Ojibwe elder Language is a vital tool for Aboriginal people as it plays and important role in the transmission of values, spiritual and traditional beliefs, and the entire histories of a people from generation to generation. At one point there were over 300 […]

Megan Pottage

An insider’s perspective on the community legal clinic system challenges

By Megan Pottage In October 2013, I joined Legal Aid Ontario after 12 years of working in the clinic system, most recently as a community legal worker and licensed paralegal in a community legal clinic. My hands-on job familiarized me—intimately—with the pressures faced by the clinic system. Poverty rarely comes alone Ontario’s legal aid clinics […]

Achieving inclusion in family law and child protection

What would you do if you had a client with a mental disability who wanted to fight for custody of her child … or a developmentally handicapped adult client who wanted to make decisions about his own care? With the implementation of standards for the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA), accommodating clients with disabilities […]

Andrew Pilliar: what will you do about access to justice this year?

By Andrew Pilliar ( image source) We don’t have an access to justice crisis in Canada.* The Oxford English Dictionary offers this definition for “crisis”: “A vitally important or decisive stage in the progress of anything; a turning-point… “ Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that access to justice problems don’t daily plague the lives […]

Jeff Perera

The importance of working with men and boys to end violence against women

by Jeff Perera As a community engagement manager with White Ribbon, I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to regularly give talks, presentations and facilitate workshops on something I feel very passionately about: engaging men and boys to become part of the solution to ending violence against women and girls. Our work is about addressing the […]