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Cyberjustice – the future of justice? A visit to University of Montreal’s Cyberjustice lab.

Shortly after arriving at University of Montreal’s Faculty of Law, I am escorted into a long and narrow observation room. End-to-end tables in the darkened space support two banks of monitors, tended to by a hushed but friendly staff. Across the two-way glass, a mock trial unfolds in a courtroom that is specially designed for […]

PLEI Connect: Creating an Online Community of Practice

It seems almost paradoxical, but online communities require a lot of offline work. Although they exist in virtual space, digital communities are created and maintained through the hard real-world work of people like Brenda Rose, project manager for PLEI Connect, an interactive online public legal education (PLE) website. Rose works at Courthouse Libraries BC, one of four partners along with PovNet, Éducaloi, and CLEO , who have made PLEI (pronounced ‘plea’) Connect a reality.