Infographic: Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women

Text by Josephine Li Design by Elliot Carol Chow Canada’s National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women December 6: This day marks the anniversary of the murders of 14 young women at L’Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal in 1989. They died because they were women. This day raises awareness of how some women […]


Tracking legal need in very small areas with the Legal Health Check-Up

The legal health check-up (LHC) is a uniquely valuable tool for documenting unmet legal need at a very fine-grained local level. The LHC questionnaire is administered by community groups and service agencies to people seeking their services. Individuals who request service from the legal clinic are referred to the clinic. The LHC form becomes the basis for a dialogue between the clinic staff and the individual, laying the groundwork for a more holistic and integrated service that would otherwise not have occurred with an intake process focussing on only one presenting problem.


Advocating for more public legal education in racialized communities

By Josephine Li Wayne van der Meide, one of Legal Aid Ontario’s (LAO) co-leads for its Racialized Communities Strategy, experienced an “astonishing” moment when he was meeting with a settlement agency to talk about what LAO does. “It was astonishing when we would say LAO could cover all of these different legal issues and the […]

Why we organized Ontario’s first Access to Justice Week, Oct. 17-21

We organized this week to create a forum for exploring collaborative initiatives in justice. The events were designed to be engagement and learning opportunities, and they’re open to anyone who wants to participate, whether they be members of the public, legal professionals, community workers, students, or other access to justice advocates.