National Aboriginal Languages Day

“Without the language, we are warm bodies without a spirit...” Mary Lou Fox, Ojibwe elder

Language is a vital tool for Aboriginal people as it plays and important role in the transmission of values, spiritual and traditional beliefs, and the entire histories of a people from generation to generation.

At one point there were over 300 Aboriginal languages spoken in what is now North America. Today there are only about 60 Aboriginal languages spoken across Canada.

Did you know?

Canada and Ontario owe their names to Aboriginal words ‘kanata’ and ‘Oniatari':io’ from the Huron word for ‘village’ and the Mohawk word for ‘beautiful lake’.

Top ten spoken Aboriginal Languages in Canada:

  • Cree
  • Ojibway
  • Oji-Cree
  • Innu/ Montagnis
  • Mi’kmaq
  • Atikamekw
  • Inuktitut
  • Dene
  • Stoney
  • Blackfoot

Celebrate the diversity and preservation of Aboriginal languages across Kanata!

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Fallon Melander

About Fallon Melander

Fallon Melander is Ojibway from Wikwemikong First Nation and is leading LAO’s Aboriginal Justice Strategy. Before joining LAO, Fallon worked at the University of Ottawa's Community Legal Clinic and articled at Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto. Fallon is committed to providing access to justice for Aboriginal people and communities and is an active member of the Indigenous Bar Association and the Canadian Lawyers Abroad Dare to Dream program.

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